Register a “Silent” Listing

Why do sellers choose to register  a “Silent” listing?

So you would like to sell your property, but the thought of marketing and having your home “ready” for inspections 24/7 is not appealing to you – we can all appreciate the inconvenience that the selling process can bring! Registering your property for a “Silent” listing could be the answer.

At Ripple, we invest much time in listening to the many purchasers we meet – establishing their essential and preferred requirements as well as their financial capacity as a buyer.  The real estate term for this process is “Qualifying the Buyer” and has two significant advantages to those engaging in a real estate transaction.

The Buyer – because we take the time to listen to what a buyer needs and their financial capacity to purchase – they can be assured that we will only show them a listing that meets at least 80% of their “wish list”.  No wasted time, no deflated expectations.

The Seller – who can be assured that any potential purchaser introduced to their property is genuine and committed to purchasing.  By establishing a purchaser’s requirements and marrying them to a property for sale that meets those requirements – the process of selling is simplified greatly.  No wasted time, no deflated expectations.

As a result of this process, Ripple have a database of genuine buyers that are waiting for the right property to present to the market.  The list of buyers grows daily.

As a property owner who would like a “no fuss” sale – you can benefit from that database. You can arrange to meet with any of our professional and friendly Property Consultants who will be happy to work with you in a “silent capacity” and connect you with any qualified buyer that is looking for exactly what you have.  Minimum effort.  Miminum expense.

If a “silent listing” sounds like your preferred option – contact Ripple today to discuss your property – a “no fuss” sale may very well be just around the corner.