What You Will Save With Ripple

Without doubt, the commission you pay to your Real Estate Agent will be your biggest expense when selling. 

At Ripple, we offer a capped commission fee of $7,700 inclusive of GST – so not only do we pass on professional photography and marketing services to you at cost price, you can have the peace of mind knowing you will keep your selling costs to an absolute minimum.

The professionalism, dedication and commitment of each member of the Ripple Team, and handpicked local businesses that take care of the “pretty” side of things, means you will have access to the SAME buyers, using the SAME proven advertising mediums as every other agent – but WITHOUT the hefty price tag!

Most Agencies use the Real Estate Institue of Tasmania’s (REIT) suggested commission scale to calculate your commission fee – some may discount slightly – but the end result is always the same – you will pay markedly more in commission to access the SAME buyers using the SAME proven advertising mediums – and you should ask yourself this valid question…….

“this is MY most valuable asset – shouldn’t I be reaping the rewards of that asset?”.

The examples below are provided with the intention of showing you how you WILL benefit from using Ripple to market and sell your home:


Sale Price



Incl GST *

3% Commission

on Sale Price

Incl GST

What You Will Save

with Ripple’s capped Commission of

$7,700 Incl GST




$7,700   (you save $3,800 – $7,798)




$7,700   (you save $7,150 – $11,788)




$7,700   (you save $10,480 – $15,778)




$7,700   (you save $13,750 – $19,768)




$7,700   (you save $17,050 – $23,758)




$7,700   (you save $20,350 – $27,748)




$7,700   (you save $23,650 – $31,738)

* For a complete list of the REIT suggested commission scale please visit their website at www.reit.com.au